There is a good deal of discussion regarding the June decision by the Supreme Court regarding government subsidies of the exchanges.   I have been reading a good many articles and reached this conclusion, agreeing with some.

First, the Supreme Court will likely confirm the subsidies even though it is costing we taxpayers (those that do pay taxes) millions if not billions.   To deny the subsidies would disrupt millions of citizens as they face increases from as low as Zero (I have written two) to the average of $100 per month to $300 to $500 per month for individual and potentially $1500 + for a family.

Now, whichever way the decision may go I agree with a recent article, nobody wins.     If the subsidies remain, the Republicans lose their fight but the democrats lose the ability to blame the Republicans and taxpayers PAY.     If the decision is against the subsidies, the Republicans can tout their success but millions of voters will face instant higher premiums just as the Presidential elections get going.

Plus much more importantly, neither party has an alternative plan!    Of course, one option may will be if the decision is against the subsidies the government can just mandate that for all states using the Federal Exchange “HHS may simply ask {?} State governors to “deem the Federal exchanges as state exchanges.”

Just my humble opinion with 40 years experience.