This has to be said.   HHS is now trying to pass a law (BenefitsPro March 17, 2014) which will end the ability to sell “Indemnity Products” unless a government mandated MEC plan is also sold.  Quite a few of my prospects have elected to “send their employees to the exchange” and then the employer purchases a hospital indemnity plan to help the employees pay the outrageous deductibles on the “Government Plans”.    This new rule now appears to forbid these purchases?

The government is increasingly denying US citizens their freedom of choice and unfortunately most are silent.    This government was created of the people, by the people and for the people granting certain Inalienable rights to freedom.

Have we truly become a country of sheep following this administration to our slaughter?

All, Everyone, contact your representatives and senators (regardless of political affiliation) and demand this movement to take away our Freedoms ends now.     Before it is truly too late.