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Will the Supreme Court Deny Subsidies

There is a good deal of discussion regarding the June decision by the Supreme Court regarding government subsidies of the exchanges.   I have been reading a good many articles and reached this conclusion, agreeing with some. First, the Supreme Court will likely confirm the subsidies even though it is costing we taxpayers (those that do [...]

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2015 ACA Enrollment

The 2015 ACA enrollment season starts tomorrow. If you are looking for your Tax Credit from the federal government the Federal Marketplace is your source. To prepare for enrollment see this checklist: FFM Checklist 2015. To check prices and the potential for a Tax Credit, see this link: Marketplace 2015 Plans and Prices To Pre-enroll [...]

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Employers and HR Managers Search for New Employee Benefits Options

During WWII the government enacted wage controls but decided employee health insurance was not a wage.     Employers used the offer of health insurance plans to attract and retain quality employees.    Today, the ACA is dramatically leveling the market for employee incentives. Employers are searching once again for affordable benefit plan offerings to attract and retain [...]

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