The Hill writes in a 5-1 article:

  • About 4 million Americans lost health insurance in the last two years, according to a new survey from the Commonwealth Fund, which attributed the decline to actions taken by the Trump administration.
  • The uninsured rate was up significantly compared with 2016 among adults with an individual income of about $30,000 and a family income of about $61,000.

They mistakenly blame the current administration for the rise in uninsured. Those of us in the business know the rise in uninsured is DIRECTLY the result of the catastrophic ACA and the rapid rise in premiums as a result.

Proven many times over many years, the exchange method of offering coverage is doomed to fail as rising premiums cause healthy individuals to drop coverage for more affordable options or go uninsured leaving the high claimants in the exchange and driving up costs. Doubt supporters of government insurance will ever agree.