Out-Of-Pocket Spending For Hospitalizations On The Rise, Study Indicates.

The Washington Post  (6/27, Johnson) reports that research indicated that “between 2009 and 2013, overall health-care spending grew at 2.9 percent per year, while the amount shouldered by insured patients when they were hospitalized grew more than twice as fast.” The findings  were published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

        Fortune  (6/27, Zarya) reports that investigators “analyzed claims for 7.3 million hospitalizations” during the study period. The investigators found that during “that time, the total amount paid by patients – the vast majority of whom had employer-sponsored health insurance – grew by more than 37%.”

        Bloomberg News  (6/27, Ramkumar) reports that “during the study period, deductibles grew 86 percent and coinsurance costs rose 33 percent.” Although “co-payment costs fell…so did the number of insurance plans that charged them.” The data indicated “out-of-pocket costs exceeded the annual growth of insurance premiums…which increased 5.1 percent” annually.

Higher deductibles, higher coinsurance limits plus higher premium costs, the population is paying more out of pocket for care.   Estimates are that the US population will be ready for Universal Health Care with the government paying everything within 3 years.