During WWII the government enacted wage controls but decided employee health insurance was not a wage.     Employers used the offer of health insurance plans to attract and retain quality employees.    Today, the ACA is dramatically leveling the market for employee incentives.

Employers are searching once again for affordable benefit plan offerings to attract and retain quality employees.        Many industrial and HR publications are now discussing ancillary and supplemental plans, including voluntary plans, to offer their new and existing employees.    At this time the benefits plan frequently discussed are Dental, Vision and Accident.     Also discussed, to help employees facing increasing hospital deductibles, are supplemental plans called Hospital Indemnity or Colonial’s Medical Bridge plan.

To respond, carriers are developing new products.       My agency has developed a highly affordable “Package” including Dental, Vision and Accident coverage which costs approximately $50 per month per employee.    The employees can elect to cover dependents for the Dental and Vision at their own expense.    We can also then offer the additional “supplemental” products strictly as voluntary products through payroll deduction.

If this idea is of interest, please let me know.    I am here to help and can offer information as needed.

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