• No matter what your business size we can find the plan that meets your needs. We offer benefits consulting and benefit solutions to businesses. Products we offer include health, life, disability, dental, vision insurance, Supplemental and Employee Voluntary plans.

Also check out the newest affordable benefits packages available to help your employees.    Helping business owners for over 40 years, give us a call.

Why Finding the Right Insurance for Your Business Is Important

For over 40 years we have been helping Employers and Business Owners select the best plans to meet the company’s objectives and offer a comprehensive benefits plan to employees at affordable costs.  Plus we are certified with the Federal Marketplace and can guide you in complying with the new rules and requirements.

Employers continue to face difficult decisions currently and in the future and need solid answers from experienced brokers.  Health Care Reform is causing increasing costs and for employees higher deductible and coinsurance {out of pocket expenses}.  Designing the right solution for your company has never been more important.  We work with ALL carriers and represent our clients.

Your employees are also feeling the financial pressure of increasing high out of pocket costs for a serious illness and/or accident.  Recent news articles state that hospitals are now reviewing ACA deductible plans and requiring up front payment.  You have the ability to offer them Comprehensive Vountary Plans to cover these out of pocket costs plus potentially reduce your payroll taxes.  Everyone Wins.

Aden Insurance Consulting can help you thoroughly analyze your Group Medical Plan then design a set of benefits for the employee to choose many of which costs the company nothing.

For assistance with your Employee Benefits program including Life, Health, Dental, Vision, or Disability from leading insurance carriers, and especially employee voluntary plans, please contact us.

You may also email or fax a census of your employees to or Fax (404) 806-4413.

We can show you ways to reduce your costs today!

Low Cost affordable employee benefit plans are available – give us a call.

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Accurate Answers for your Insurance Questions- and understanding the Affordable Care Act.

40 plus Years helping clients find the best solutions.

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