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The Real Cost of PPACA for Employees?

More information is becoming available concerning the real cost of PPACA to employers and more importantly employees. The Galen Group once again clearly identifies those possible costs. Employers will be looking for ways to reduce the increasing employee financial responsibility to cover health care. We have an answer from a company recognized for the 7th [...]

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New Taxes Coming in 2013

Please see the article below. As Washington argues about increasing taxes on the rich, the significant tax increases on Employers as a result of PPACA are being ignored.   $63 for each and every covered employee, .09% increase in Medicare for those earning over $200,000 single/$250,000 joint, and the 2.3% increase in taxes on "Medical Devices" [...]

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2013 Tax Increase Notice

From Benefit Pro today: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama isn't talking about it and neither is Mitt Romney. But come January, 163 million workers can expect to feel the pinch of a big tax increase regardless of who wins the election. A temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes is due to expire at [...]

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A recent New York Times poll on PPACA

The latest NYT/CBS poll looked at public opinion on PPACA following the Supreme Court decision.  Opposition to the law was virtually unchanged from when it was enacted with half disapproving and 1/3 supporting the law.    The poll was taken from July 11 through 16. Those who strongly disapprove significantly outnumber those who strongly approve by 36% [...]

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PPACA – What is Next

A recent posting by the Thompson Group does an excellent job of summarizing Next Steps.   Here for your information: Found on the Thompson Blog Immediate Reform Implementation Is Revenue-reporting and Tax-related (apart from SBC) July 6, 2012 – 12:52 pm | By Todd Leeuwenburgh With the Supreme Court’s June 28 ruling affirming health reform, [...]

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